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One of our core skillsets is the delivery and support of projects using the Microsoft SQL Server Stack of technologies. SQL Server has grown over the years, and we've grown with it. Even if your core systems already have good reporting, the value of the data inside them is amplified exponentially when you connect your systems to each other, and to publicly accessible data sets.
We are experts at extracting and moving data in a way that allows you to focus your time and effort on exploring and understanding your business, and not on how to copy and paste the data the right way into an excel spreadsheet!
Data and Analytics
DBA Services

Your data and reporting is only as good as the data you are entering into your systems. A healthy and well run database environment is a critical foundation to building a reporting and analytics ecosystem.

Here at SysTalk, we pride ourselves on our ability to understand and improve databases. We can identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, make sure your backups are running correctly, and put in place great disaster recovery processes to ensure when anything fails, you can recover quickly and elegantly.

Portable hard drive
Data Warehousing

Data warehousing is the process of storing and staging information from disparate sources into high-quality information to provide an enterprise-wide view of the data that is consistent, actionable and useful to drive competitive advantage. Data warehousing enables visualisation tools to be used effectively to discover new patterns and identify key relationships.


Analytics is the art of extracting useful information from both the data you own within your organisation, and external data sources to gain even deeper insights into your data.

A good analytics practice should guide you through the process of understanding your own data, and learning how to use it to not only find the answers to your own questions, but to identify questions that need an answer within your business and to help you move beyond the basics with analytics that predict trends.

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Other Services

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is shaping up as one of the biggest disruptors in human history. One of the reasons for the rapid expansion is the commercialisation of neural networks and machine learning - allowing these tools to be used by analysts around the world on their own data. This is no longer a technology that only large enterprise customers can take advantage of. Now even small business can use intelligent learning and predictive algorithms to uncover hidden meaning in their data. We can show you how to quickly and easily use this technology.

Master Data Services

We can implement tools to help you take control over the multitude of lookup tables and reference data within your organisation, keeping it all in one backed up, version controlled, manageable location.

Operational Dashboards

Ever wanted to see in real time how various aspects of your business are performing? Now you can. We combine multiple technologies to capture in flight data and route it to a reporting database which refreshes a dashboard in real time. We could track the number of sales in 10 minute increments and compare it in real time against other days of the week. Track the location of your goods in transit, or even the rate of data capture by your operators.

Microsoft toolset

Although most organisations deploy a large number of Microsoft products, many of the products you are licensed for are never even used. A lot of this is simply because you either don't know you have the tools already, or just do not have the expertise or time to implement them. We can look at your licensing and work out what you have available, and help you put together a business case for the use of some of these tools.

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