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Customer testimonials

Our clients say it better than we ever could

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ESTA - CAD Integration

“We wanted the best people working for us because it’s critical in our industry. There are no room for errors. SysTalk came highly recommended as BizTalk experts”

“SysTalk are Microsoft endorsed and they care about their customers – and they show it. In simple terms, SysTalk make it easy – things work – they don’t fluff around. In contrast, some vendors are shocking. They charge a lot of money and don’t show they care at all.

I like the fact that SysTalk share their knowledge; they’re not precious or secretive like so many others who withhold information that could be useful. They’re too concerned with the consulting dollars. In contrast, I can ask SysTalk anything and they’ll share because there are no barriers and that makes the relationship a partnership. They care about their customers and that’s rare.

We needed the service done and the procedures documented so we can replicate and they did that really well. If there’s a fault, it’s just too critical not to have right. I also appreciate that they are prepared to go a bit further to make things work. For example, we had an issue that needed to be solved and they stayed all night to make sure it was resolved.

I’d recommend LogicalTech – SysTalk without hesitation and in fact, we’ve got some more work coming up for them.”

- David Tranter - Data Architect

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