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Database Migration

database migration

database migration

Application Data Migration is A Key Component In Ensuring Successful Deployments With the Least Amount of Risk & Faster ROI.

Continue reading below to discover how application and database migration is a key enabler for business transformation.

Enhance Your Data Access

Your organisation’s collective body of data is critical to operational efficiency.
By structuring your data framework properly; you can slash time associated with error tracking, determine the exact root of an error when a ticket has been raised by business users, without having to trawl through reams of data.


Organise Streamline Your Legacy Systems with New Platforms

If you have added new systems to an older legacy system; your data may be tucked away in various places – in multiple formats.
At SysTalk, we can systematically organise your data and align all of your disparate systems, – saving you time and hassle, as well as slashing IT maintenance costs.

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Unearth More Opportunities. Gather Insight On A Faster Basis

Your investment into a data migration upgrade will allow you to respond to operational needs at breakneck speeds, find the root of an error (when a ticket is raised) more efficiently. Plus, swiftly draw more insight from the data passing through your multiple systems with ease.


How The Data Migration Process Works

SysTalk can amalgamate new systems with legacy platforms, creating one central platform for your disparate systems, with a number of Disaster Recovery (DR) options.
Understandably, you want to be assured that the migration will be completed seamlessly and without damaging your organisation’s original data.
SysTalk’s best practice approach will alleviate any of these concerns.

Head to Our Client Stories Page, To Discover Direct Feedback From Key Partnerships Focused on Migration and BizTalk Roll Outs.

Best Practice Guarantee

At LogicalTech SysTalk we only use the best practice methodology to ensure value and peace-of-mind with all aspects of your data migration process.

To further drive cost benefit solutions and time-to-market for your operational needs, SysTalk, have created the BizTalk Accelerator (follow the link for more information) that can expedite the entire development process and add to your bottom line.


Each Data Migration is Unique, the Solution Must Include These Basic Steps

  • Identify the current storage environment, including known issues
  • Create a migration plan and timeline
  • Develop and design the requirements for moving the data
  • Create a migration architecture, addressing any security concerns surrounding protecting the data through the process
  • Develop and test extensively (for accuracy and reliability)
  • Implement the migration through a pilot phase with an eventual roll-out into a complete migration.

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database migration