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Client Stories


“There is much to recommend LogicalTech-SysTalk for and I do so without hesitation.”

Firstly, as a company, they epitomise trust. Their products are their people and they are really good at what they do, in fact, I’ve not come across better. I’ve dealt with many specialist contractor firms across three continents and these people are highly talented and competent. It’s because they are so competent, it’s easy to trust them with our critical systems.

I’ve found that with SysTalk, their level of transparency is particularly refreshing compared with their competitors I’ve come across. They don’t hide behind onerous contracts and try up-sell at every opportunity because SysTalk’s handshake means something and they’ve proven it. This is especially true in a crisis as they’re fantastic with support and their expertise is excellent.

Their level of intimate knowledge of our complex system is outstanding. SysTalk are truly part of our team and I use them extensively as if I have a problem I know I can ask them to fix it at any time and they do!”

Andrew Tully


NTT Data

Generic Cad

“We wanted the best people working for us because it’s critical in our industry. There is no room for errors. LogicalTech – SysTalk division came highly recommended as BizTalk experts.”

SysTalk are Microsoft endorsed and they care about their customers – and they show it. In simple terms, SysTalk make it easy – things work – they don’t fluff around. In contrast, some vendors are shocking. They charge a lot of money and don’t show they care at all.

I like the fact that SysTalk share their knowledge; they’re not precious or secretive like so many others who withhold information that could be useful. They’re too concerned with the consulting dollars. In contrast, I can ask SysTalk anything and they’ll share because there are no barriers and that makes the relationship a partnership. They care about their customers and that’s rare.

We needed the service done and the procedures documented so we can replicate and they did that really well. If there’s a fault, it’s just too critical not to have right. I also appreciate that they are prepared to go a bit further to make things work. For example, we had an issue that needed to be solved and they stayed all night to make sure it was resolved.

I’d recommend LogicalTech – SysTalk without hesitation and in fact, we’ve got some more work coming up for them.”

David Tranter

Data Architect


Microsoft Exchange Integration

“We needed a partner who could assist us migrate to Microsoft exchange Outlook for email. We wanted to be able to integrate Microsoft products into our environment at GippsTAFE and our old e-mail system wasn’t easy for people because it was unfamiliar to them.”

Partnering with LogicalTech – SysTalk provided us with a smooth integration process and improved our training time because it’s easy and more familiar to our staff. It saves time and improves our customer service.

We went through a 3 quote process before selecting SysTalk and selected them because they had experience doing this type of project, they were attentive to our needs, had a good grasp of timelines, they are Microsoft Gold Partners and their price was competitive.

I’m really happy with the way they performed for us. I’ve heard some really bad stories about IT companies and I can’t fault these guys which makes SysTalk a preferred supplier of ours. I thought their attention to detail and customer service was very good and they were easy to work with. They’d be tough to beat in any tender and my team were really impressed with the way they worked and thankful for the helpful suggestions they made along the way. They were very attentive – did what they said they’d do, on time and on budget. They excelled in meeting our expectations and we’ll continue to look at SysTalk for all Microsoft applications and associated work.”

Philip Harris

ICT Manager

Gippsland TAFE

BizTalk Implementation

“From the beginning, the relationship was easy with LogicalTech – SysTalk. They were flexible, nothing was too difficult and they made us feel comfortable. There was a sense of being able to trust them and this proved to be the case in every respect.”

In the space of a few hours of the initial engagement they got us going with our BizTalk implementation whilst working collaboratively with us all the way. They had the two critical attributes – technical expertise and a nice easy fit with the team.

Timelines were tight and we had some performance issues in the early days of the project. SysTalk were prepared to work 24/7 with us. They understood the urgency and we could make that call with confidence knowing they were there for us.

This approach was consistent across a number of their people – even when we needed to expand the engagement, the new people were a good fit. With LogicalTech – SysTalk, I have a strong technical resource. It can be difficult to find a 3rd party with both cultural fit and a level of technical excellence required to be our project partners.

It’s been a good working relationship and they’ve delivered everything we’ve asked so it’s easy to recommend them. When it comes to BizTalk I can vouch for the fact that they’ve done the right thing by us and I trust them and for me, trust is the bottom line.”

Joe De Battista


Media Monitors

Generic CAD

“Delivering the best possible solutions to our clients is critical to us so when one of our clients referred the LogicalTech – SysTalk business unit to us for consulting services, we didn’t hesitate to engage them.”

Our client required a Microsoft BizTalk implementation and with LogicalTech – SysTalk being the niche company in this space, it was great to have the right resources to assist using completing this project. SysTalk also arranged application training so that we and our client could continue to develop and maintain the infrastructure going forward.

From the beginning they were helpful, knowledgeable and understood innately what we needed. We were delivering something new; SysTalk understood the technical requirements and supported us in delivering them. I am pleased we were able to work together so well and deliver a quality outcome to the customer. It was clear to me that they cared as much about our customer as we did.”

David Goedecke

Senior Solutions Architect


BizTalk Interface Development

“We met LogicalTech – SysTalk a few years ago when we had a need for a BizTalk practice leader. One of the things I particularly like about SysTalk is their process in terms of sharing knowledge and providing us with the Intellectual Property (IP) when the work is completed.”

This is extremely important for Silcar in that I have total confidence that the work they undertake for us…stays with us. They were very receptive and understanding of that requirement. It certainly goes a long way as far as building trust is concerned.

They’ve done a good job with the projects they have delivered for us and everything works well. From my perspective it makes a big difference when my internal customers and stakeholders are happy.

They are a professional group with the ability to work within our business, understand our environment and be part of the team.

I appreciate that they are not overly “salesy” and they demonstrate that they want to understand us and listen. My ethos with my team is a commitment to best practice and to seek advice from someone trusted when it’s needed. I’d definitely recommend LogicalTech – SysTalk for BizTalk.”

Chris Parello

ICT Manager


Third Party Integration

“When Experian needed a BizTalk specialist, I went straight to the people I knew and trusted.”

I need to deliver software solutions to my clients and our reputation is critical to us. With Logicaltech – Systalk it’s about the cultural fit and their professional but flexible way of operating. It’s the Virgin Blue versus Tiger scenario when you choose Systalk.

If I need go out to contractors, I need to know I can trust them to give me the back up and support and quality of staff I need. Systalk’s services give quality solutions and the way they are able to translate what I want into a technical solution saves me a lot of time and hassles and there’s no micro-management needed which I have found is required with others.

Logicaltech-Systalk’s people are the experts. I tell them what I want and they take me from point A to point B and don’t rip me off. I find that with contractors, there’s a tendency to over-complicate – “gold plating”. They don’t do that – if they can’t do something they will go out of their way to find the skill set I need and the results are fantastic.

SysTalk have never let me down and I’d use them again in a flash. I’d definitely recommend them because they’re well skilled in technical programming, well priced and provide assurance that the job will get done.”

Andrew Brennan

Senior Project Manager


Brown Brothers

The LogicalTech SysTalk integration experts delivered the solution.”

Brown Brothers were already using BizTalk in a limited capacity for internal data transfer. The SysTalk architects built on this by designing a new BizTalk application that was stable enough to meet the new technical requirements.

This enabled a worry-free exchange of data between Brown Brothers and BevChain.
The task included finding ways to transfer Inventory and Procurement data at different stages. To do this, LogicalTech SysTalk developed new versions at required intervals. To avoid system down time, we used the flexible Business Rule engine to change configuration.

The BizTalk workflow engine handled exceptions in consistent and visible way.
As part of Brown Brother’s first business critical BizTalk implementation, SysTalk provided both the fundamental building blocks and best practices for a world-class BizTalk application.

Brown Brothers are looking forward to expanding and streamlining their business with their new BizTalk application.

Andrew Ross

E-Business Program Leader

Brown Brothers