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Enterprise Application Integration Biztalk

Let BizTalk Do The Heavy Lifting In Your Application Integration System.

Drive Business Efficiency, Eliminate Manual Processing of Data, Integrate With Legacy Systems, and Boost Customer Service With B2B Partners

Microsoft BizTalk In Your Environment

It’s typical that an enterprise has a legacy of existing applications, programs and databases. These often need to be used eve during the process of moving to a new software platform. Application and Enterprise Integration allows the integration of new and existing applications within the enterprise, in business-to-business or partner integration scenarios.

At SysTalk, we believe providing you with a best practices approach. Listed below are the differences our company can make to your enterprise integration project: covering key aspects from end to end project management, mentoring and training, as well as a range of support options.

The SysTalk Difference In Managing Your Application Integration Process

Partner With You

To alleviate any concerns with your proposed BizTalk implementation, our management team will walk you through our complete roll-out process from start-to-finish. Our management and lead developers will also run through licensing and best practice set-up to drive your ROI further.

End-to-End Project Management

A highly experienced delivery manager will see your project through from day one. They are designated to manage our technical resources, maintain project progression (ensuring all milestones are met), and work alongside other vendors outside your organisation. They will also manage and resolve any concerns you may have during any stage of the implementation.

Certified Microsoft BizTalk Experts

We only provide you with the best and brightest resources within the BizTalk and integration sphere to work on your implementation or upgrade.
Our team always ensures that your organisation’s interests and goals are ours too.

Mentoring & Training

SysTalk have mentoring and structured training sessions to upskill your team in BizTalk and Database Management. Once complete, internal IT staff will be confident with their ability to manage multiple aspects and minor issues that may arise.

Variety of Support Options

Support options are available if your organisation does not have adequate resources to maintain your integration platform. All support packages are scalable to suit your infrastructure size and budget. And, your company can take advantage of the Hybrid Off-Shoring option to reduce support costs even further.

Reduce Time-to-Market

SysTalk have developed a market leading ESBT framework. Organisations can implement an integration hub in a matter of days (not weeks), leading to a rapid return on investment during your integration platform roll out.

Find Out More on the ESBT Framework

The BizTalk Solution

Listed below, are the key features and compatibility of the latest version of Microsoft BizTalk Server.

Upgraded Performance

  • Host handler association of dynamic send ports
  • Minimal Lower Layer Protocol adapter upgrades
  • Multiple upgrades in ordered send port configurations
  • XslCompiledTransform in maps

Connection to the Cloud

  • Hybrid application compatibility
  • Connection to Windows Azure Storage and Windows Azure Service Bus
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online support
  • Windows Azure Active Directory Access Control service

Run in the Cloud

  • Optimum hardware procurement time
  • Setup and configuration of BizTalk in minutes
  • Integration with Windows Azure Management Portal

Responsive User Experience

  • Accessible artifact dependencies
  • Easier setup and configuration of Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  • Basic installation of SharePoint adapter
  • Secure file transfer protocol (SFTP)
  • Connector for IBM Informix and DB2 DRDA
  • Web-based supervision and allocation for Microsoft Transaction Integrator (TI)

Contact SysTalk Directly On (03) 8643 6472 For A Complimentary No Obligation Environment Assessment. Our Team of Experts, Can Determine The Best Options For Your Upgrade and Work Alongside Your Team.


“We wanted the best people working for us because it’s critical in our industry. There is no room for errors. SysTalk division came highly recommended as BizTalk experts.

SysTalk are Microsoft endorsed and they care about their customers – and they show it…SysTalk make it easy – things work – they don’t fluff around. In contrast, some vendors are shocking. They charge a lot of money and don’t show they care at all.

I like the fact that SysTalk share their knowledge; they’re not precious or secretive like so many others who withhold information that could be useful. They’re too concerned with the consulting dollars. In contrast, I can ask SysTalk anything and they’ll share because there are no barriers and that makes the relationship a partnership. They care about their customers and that’s rare.

We needed the service done and the procedures documented so we can replicate and they did that really well…I also appreciate that they are prepared to go a bit further to make things work. For example, we had an issue that needed to be solved and they stayed all night to make sure it was resolved.

I’d recommend LogicalTech – SysTalk without hesitation and in fact, we’ve got some more work coming up for them.”


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